Regenerative, ethical and local.

We raise beef on regenerative pastures in the Adelaide Hills. When we say it's the best value beef you could possibly buy, we reckon that's pretty accurate. Here is why >>

Good for you, good for the land

We farm regeneratively because we value natural ecosystems, local food sovereignty, our family's health and the future our kids face. Farming symbiotically with nature produces food that has higher nutritional content and it also helps to build resilience for an uncertain future.

Value diversity

Our animals are an interconnected part of grass and woodland ecosystems which support living soils, sequester carbon and provide habitat for wildlife.

Value nutrition

Ethical treatment and diverse pasture without chemical inputs gives a healthier, more nutrient-dense product and promotes the natural cycling of nutrients to support life at every level.

Value resilience

We don't know the future but if we learn from the past 100 years, we know we have to do things differently to improve outcomes for health, farming and communities.

A whole lot more in every morsel

Beef grazed holistically on diverse pastures without chemical fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, vaccines or HGPs is higher in nutritional content than feedlot and supplemented equivalents*. Not surprisingly, it tastes better too!

Cyprian M 

' Thanks guys, enjoying a piece of T-Bone after a big session at the gym. Not often I treat myself and it really is excellent ' 

Russell B

' We feel lucky to see how our beef is grown, know the animals are happy and that we make a difference by choosing regenerative '

Sally S

' Hard to find even an organic roast from the supermarket as good, let alone one grown this close to home '

Explore regenerative

In the South Australian climate, grasslands need grazing animals to renew themselves and build soil. Livestock when managed appropriately are an important tool in regenerating dry and desertified farm land and mitigating climate change ('it's the how, not the cow'). If nature is the gold standard for life, a truly productive farming operation is one that enables the symphony of an entire ecosystem to thrive, people included. 

Paddock to plate

Whole, half, quarter or 10kg regenerative beef packs for delivery or collection locally in Adelaide.

Grow your own

A new concept in growing your own regeneratively farmed beef, and learning how it is done.

Ethical B2B supply

Source local regenerative beef regularly from a reliable, transparent and on-brand supplier close by.


We are always keen to work with others who share the drive to be part of a change that regenerates.

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