We are first-gen graziers 

farming to improve our environment

K2 Regenerative Farm is a small, family-run farm on Peramangk Country in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. We do things 'differently' and are proud of it. We believe there is a social and ecological imperative to farm land differently.

Hello, we are the Hughes family :-) current custodians of 100ha of native scrub and pasture in Kanmantoo, SA. 

We manage cattle by emulating natural grazing processes to support animal health and welfare, build soil, increase biodiversity and sequester carbon.

As well as regenerating pasture, we grow and care for a diverse range of trees and shrubs, managing approximately 33ha of heritage-protected native scrub which is home to hundreds of species of plants, birds and animals - many now endangered in the Adelaide Hills.

We began farming after learning that regenerative grazing in dry grassland ecosystems is one of the best ways to address environmental issues like desertification and climate change. We found it difficult to source meat that had been grown this way, so we started doing it for ourselves and our community.

We work with local regenerative butcher Gum Park Meats to process our beef so that we can supply directly to customers in the Hills and Southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. 


K2 Farm is a member of the Australian Holistic Management Co-operative, a Hub of the Savory Global Institute. We are monitored annually as part of Savory Global's Ecological Outcome Verification Program. Ecological health indicators are independently monitored to verify that regeneration is occurring on the land we manage.

We are also members of the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges Regen Ag Group and Fleurieu Community Co-Op. We work with other local farms and businesses to support the decentralisation of farming and production systems in South Australia.